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How to Find Us

Address: 8/3 Khlopina Str, St Petersburg, 194021, Russia

On a map you can see the directions to the Academic University for those who walk from the “Ploschad’ Muzhestva” subway station. You will find detailed instructions for every step, if you click on the buttons.
Below you can find photos taken along the route.
NB! If you go to the St Petersburg Academic University by car, please note that the driveway is from the Politekhnicheskaya str. There is no driveway from the Khlopina str.

Directions on a large scale map - here

Step 1
When you exit the underground, turn right and go along the Politekhnicheskaya str.
Step 2
Pass the crossroads of Politekhnicheskaya str. with the Khlopina str. and go by the "Mix" café.
Step 3
Pass the gate which leads to the “Politekhnicheskii” sports complex.
Step 4
At a sign "Academic University 0.3" (it is written in Cyrillics and looks like “Академический университет 0.3”) turn right and enter the gate. Drivers should use the same road.
Step 5
Get to a control-post (a small building to the left) and come in.
Step 6
Proceed to a front entrance.